Rishikesh Best Places to Visit

Rishikesh is the main hub of tourists nowadays, From North India, a huge amount of tourists visit every month, so let’s see the most useful blog for you.

DAY 1 –

  • RIVER RAFTING – Rishikesh is renowned for its quiet scenes, strict importance as well as different exciting experience exercises like bungee bouncing, waterway boating, and more. If you have any desire to take a stab at something gutsy and energizing, then, at that point, you should not pass up this white-water stream boating experience in Rishikesh. Spout through the solid rapids as well as appreciate stunning scenes of mountains and plant life as you pontoon through the reasonable waters. The stream boating in Rishikesh takes you on a 9 km and 16 km course of experience!

Here is my Experience of Rafting in Manali, But trust me Rafting in Rishikesh is more thriller

River Rafting Experience

Then after doing River Rafting another place you have to visit is

  • TRIVENI GHAT – The intermingling of three extraordinary streams of Ganges, Yamuna and the Saraswati characterizes the Triveni Ghat. Settled in the lap of the Himalayas, Triveni Ghat is the most sacred washing spot and is thought of as the holiest spot in Rishikesh. Triveni Ghat, everything all year is immersed with individuals. It is accepted that when one takes a plunge into the Ghat, it washes away every one of the wrongdoings of the individual bringing about an unadulterated soul. Pioneers from everywhere the globe visit here to take a dunk in the heavenly waters to arrive at divine salvation. At the point when you put your focus on the Ghat, the sacred serenades, the scent of blossoms, the radiance of the earthen lights and the sensation of harmony will wrap you. Maha-Arti is performed here each day toward the beginning of the day and night. The aarti has its pertinence and is said to hold extraordinary importance to the individuals who go to it. Despite individuals amassing en masse, Maha-Arti is gone to both times with much excitement and dedication consistently. Fans additionally discharge little oil lights on boats made of enormous leaves and deliver them into the sacred water. There are different functions like ‘Pindha Daan’ considered vital for genealogical salvation performed here. Right across the Ghat, is a prospering business sector that satisfies the requirements of travellers for strict curios and objects of love. The market likewise has trinkets and things of day-to-day need which is the reason it is constantly packed. You can likewise sit by the Ghat and partake in a snapshot of much-required harmony and serenity. Taking care of the fish is likewise a connecting and fulfilling action while staying here. Rishikesh is loaded with wonders and Triveni Ghat is fulfilling as a traveller region as well as where you can track down salvation.

DAY 2 –

  1. NEERGARH WATERFALL – The jade blue Neergarh cascades otherwise called ‘Neer Gaddu’ are situated around 5 and 7s km from Lakshman Jhula (Neergarh Cascade I and II) on the Rishikesh-Badrinath Parkway. These regular cascades transmit their empyrean magnificence as they tumble down the rough bluffs. During summers numerous travelers visit Neergarh cascades to wash in the cool water of the stream streaming close by. There are two little extensions raised on the cascades having not many resting shops nearby. A short trip will take you nearer to this perfect cascade.

2. RAM JHULLA – Another architectural marvel in the yoga capital of India, Ram Jhula is an important landmark of the city and is also one of the sought-after Rishikesh tourist places. Located only 3km from the heart of the city, this 450ft suspension bridge connects the banks of the Ganges with Shivananda and Swarga ashrams at both ends.


The renowned Slam Jhula was at first an extension made of areas of strength for extreme ropes, firmly interweaved to invigorate it and to assist it with bearing the heaviness of passers-by. It had no points of support to offer underlying help to start with. Afterwards, it was re-developed with iron in the year 1986 by the PWD under government watch.

Since it is situated in the profound and blessed city of Rishikesh, the name of the extension is derived from the Aryan Ruler Master Slam the hero of the awe-inspiring Ramayana.


  1. GOA BEACH – As its name recommends, the sand on this ocean side is a ton like the sand along the shore in Goa. You can get a comparable encounter to that of Goa by sitting or lying on this oceanside (however nothing is gigantically wonderful. you might get some popcorn from merchants. The food is perfect and you can see quite a few pleasant activities when you just a little. A night visit to this ocean side will display lovely perspectives on the dusk. on the off chance that you are looking for a white sandy ocean side with clear blue water, you will not be disheartened with Rishikesh’s white sanded variant of the popular sea shores found somewhere else
  2. FREEDOM CAFE – Individuals Say This Spot Is Known For its Area of the CafĂ©, Personal Seating, Delicate Music, Entirely Reasonable, Assortment of Pizza, and Best Food under the Best Financial plan.
  3. BEATLESS ASHRAM – Visit the Ashram Pay a concise visit of close to 30 minutes to the famous ashram, which was once home to the individuals from the Beatles band, who remained there for quite a while, looking for harmony and otherworldliness. Witness the Wall Expressions. Get a brief look at the noteworthy compositions done on the ashram’s walls by the guests. Visit Ved Bhavan, If you’re a genuine Beatles fan, remember to visit Ved Bhawan or the Beatles House of Prayer. This spot offers the best inclination in the whole ashram. When guests enter the corridor, they can watch the wonderful pictures of Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and John Lennon on their right-hand side.

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